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From tuition, to application fees, technology fees and uniform costs, we are here to help you with a financial plan, to be sure about each step in this investment into your child’s future. How can we help today?

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Paraclete is so much more than a private high school.

It begins with our mission: to cultivate our students to become involved citizens who are effective communicators, critical thinkers, and productive individuals.

Our efforts are realized through an amazing staff of educators, coaches, and adults who support and teach our students the lessons of Christ, about the world, and prepare them for success in higher education with our rigorous college prep curriculum.

Accredited by:

The Western Catholic Education Association

Western Association of Schools & Colleges

The Ultimate Investment in Success in College and Beyond

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The Uplifting Spirit

Paraclete offers students many opportunities to grow outside of the classroom. Modern facilities create a safe and productive learning environment on our campus. Diverse extracurricular offerings and athletics programs allow each student the opportunity to hone their passions and skills as they exist beyond the classroom.

This can take many forms, from varsity sports teams to service outreach positions each students is required to perform within the larger community. We believe each student has the potential for great personal achievement, and we strive to support each student in this pursuit of individual success. A strong commitment to providing supportive technology to our students to best prepare them for the modern workforce.

The Uplifting Spirit The Uplifting Spirit

Explore Your Potential

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our students. We strive to prepare each one of our students for success at college and beyond. We are always looking for bright students seeking a mission-driven education. We accept bright students looking for a mission-driven education.

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