Athletic Complex Naming Opportunities

Paraclete High School Once a SPIRIT, Always a SPIRIT

Paraclete High School has made a difference in your life and has helped shape your future. Our Athletic Complex renovation project is about our current and future Paraclete students. Now is your opportunity to give back and leave a legacy.

Naming OpportunityGift Level
Athletic Complex 2,000,000 RESERVED
Football and Soccer Field 200,000 RESERVED- Calandri Family
Press Box 50,000 RESERVED-
Sound System 10,000 RESERVED-Linda and John Ciufo
Flagpole 15,000 RESERVED- Linda, John and Sheri Ciufo
Track & Field 100,000 RESERVED- Engelhardt Family
Baseball Field 100,000 RESERVED- Hernando and Fran Marroquin
Baseball Dugouts (2) 25,000 ea. (1) Home Dugout RESERVED- Lutz Family
Baseball Pitcher’s Mound 15,000
Batting Cages (2) 10,000 (2)-Lanski Family Tim Baal & Diane Podegracz
Discus Cage 10,000
Shot Put Ring 10,000 RESERVED- Rick and Suzanne McGuire
Drinking Fountain 10,000 RESERVED- Belle and John Fletcher
Baseball Bullpen (2) 10,000 ea. (1) RESERVED Dr. Peter & Donna Galier
Paraclete Pathway 50,000 RESERVED- Engelhardt Family
Rays of Truth Way 25,000 RESERVED- Engelhardt Family
Avenue M Access Driveway 50,000 RESERVED- Engelhardt Family
Softball Field 100,000
Softball Dugouts (2) 25,000 ea. (2) Dugouts RESERVED Poole Family
Softball Pitcher's Mound 15,000 RESERVED- Poole Family
Football Scoreboard Ad 100,000 (1) Panel available
Snack Bar Signage 50,000
Baseball Scoreboard Ad 100,000 (1) Panel available

Your name will be published in publications and visible in the complex entrance as well. Check back for more naming opportunities as they become available. Naming opportunities are subject to approval by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.