iPad 1:1 Initiative at Paraclete High School

THE FIRST school in the Antelope Valley to offer School-wide Mobile Technology!

Paraclete uses the 1:1 iPad program for all students.  This program enhances our already high academic standards.  Paraclete aims to give your child the best education possible and to prepare them for success in college and life.  The iPad program that we instituted is similar to many programs we have researched across the country.  UC Irvine’s medical program started a pilot program in 2010 and saw a 23 percent improvement on their test scores.  Notre Dame had similar findings with their program: “A statistically significant proportion of students felt the iPad made class more interesting, encouraged exploration of additional topics, provided functions and tools not possible with a textbook and helped them more effectively manage their time.”

These iPads give our students another advantage that cannot be attained anywhere else in the Antelope Valley. Students have been able to load most of their textbooks electronically on the iPad.  We are proud to be preparing our students with a 21st century education.

 We invite you to read the Frequently Asked Questions. Should you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Debbie Stevens
Technology Director