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Naviance is a Counseling and Guidance website for students.  Each student has an account and has been assigned tasks to do.  Parents, encourage your student to show you their Naviance account.


Summer School Information

Guidelines: Sign up forms for summer school are located in the front office. The counselors have limited hours in the summer; please contact the front office for their availability. The counselors help students choose the most beneficial courses and their signature is required on the summer school form. There is no fee for summer courses. This year the six-week summer school classes start on June 20th and end on July 28th; classes will be in session Monday through Thursday. The four-week freshmen classes begin on July 5th and end on July 28th.  

We are offering Art of the Film for Sophomores and Juniors who, with the approval of their counselor, can use this course to complete their art requirement. 

Students who fail a class must make up their credits in summer school to return to Paraclete. Students who receive a D in a class should take summer school to improve their grade to be eligible for a four-year university.

2023 Summer School Registration Form


Parents of Seniors:

If you have yet to complete the FAFSA, please do it asap! Colleges are presently deciding who gets what $$$ in financial aid! Do not assume that you will not qualify for financial aid. Even if you do not, asking for merit-based aid may depend on you/your child to complete the FAFSA.
Most colleges and universities are still open for applications. If your child may be attending Antelope Valley College, he or she should apply NOW! Seniors have a document in Google Classroom to help them. In fact, all presentations and information dispensed to students is filed in Google Classroom and all Seniors have access to it.


Considerations for Seniors:

Keys to Navigating College Applications — Do your research–don’t depend on anyone else to inform you.  Be flexible.  Everything is changing all the time.  Figure it out on your own before asking.  Procrastination is your enemy.

The importance of Naviance— All documents will be sent through Naviance eDocs:  letters of recommendation, counselor evaluations, transcripts.  If you don’t list your colleges, we can’t help you!!  Include Community Colleges.  Use College and Career Matching.

Do NOT hesitate to apply to a university because you are taking the SAT or ACT in November or December.  They will get your scores before they review your application.

SAT/ACT registration is open.  Check their websites for open testing locations from now until December 2021.  Don’t wait–seats fill up fast and are limited.

–Know your college application vocabulary— Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling Admissions, On-site Admissions, Regular Admissions.

UC Applications opened August 1st.  Submissions are accepted after November 1st, but don’t submit until after the UC presentation in senior Religion classes. Application deadline is November 30th.  CSU applications are open from October 1st through November 30th or December 15th depending on the individual campus deadline.  Private universities have their own deadlines.  Seniors MUST use the Common Application if that is an option.

More information to come…stay tuned to Ms. Vargas class presentations and reference Google Classroom for the posts after they are presented in class.


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Studies show that healthy friendships are important to mental wellbeing. They can help increase a sense of belonging, improve self-confidence and help reduce stress and anxiety. COVID-19 continues to complicate life, forcing many teens to spend more time than usual away from friends and peers. That shift has taken a toll on many teens’ mental health, with nearly one-third reporting feeling unhappy or depressed in recent months.  READ MORE…


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